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November 18, 2022 – Today, the Canola Council of Canada, Cereals Canada, and Pulse Canada issued the following statement on the Government of Canada’s investment in the Indo-Pacific region:

“The Indo-Pacific region represents a significant opportunity for Canada to diversify its agricultural exports while positively impacting global food security. Today’s announcement is a significant and positive investment by the federal government in support of Canadian agriculture.

“Our organizations, which represent over $45 billion in annual economic activity and support over 250,000 jobs, are pleased to see the inclusion of a Canadian Indo-Pacific Agriculture and Agri-Food Office in the government’s Indo-Pacific strategy. While Canada’s cereals, canola and pulse industries enjoy a significant export share within the region and there are great opportunities, the rise of non-tariff barriers may prevent Canada from achieving its full potential in the region. New resources to tackle sanitary and phytosanitary issues in a strategic, coordinated manner with industry will help maintain and build market access for Canada’s agriculture exports. We want to thank the federal government for recognizing the important role Canadian agriculture will play in growing exports in this region.

“The Indo-Pacific region is being prioritized by leading agricultural exporting nations, all of which have recently unveiled enhanced strategic engagement plans. A properly equipped and resourced office will strengthen Canada’s position in the region and enhance the role Canada plays as a supplier of safe, sustainable, and high-quality foods.

“Our focus will now turn to ensuring this office is set up for success. Our organizations, together with others in the sector, will continue to work with government to establish a Canadian Indo-Pacific Agriculture and Agri-Food Office focused on delivering results that Canadian agriculture needs to serve this valuable, growing region.”


Jim Everson
Canola Council of Canada

Dean Dias
Cereals Canada

Greg Cherewyk
Pulse Canada

The Canola Council of Canada, Cereals Canada, and Pulse Canada represent the largest crop value chains in Canadian agriculture, representing over $45 billion in economic activity annually, supporting over 250,000 jobs, and accounting for over 77% of all principal field crop production in Canada.